Cool and Fun Crafts for Moms to Sell

Maybe you’re a mom who desires to transition from working outside the home to becoming a full-time work-from-home mom so that you can be there for the kids on a regular basis. You tried freelance writing and virtual assistant jobs but you’re not passionate about it. However, you have excellent sewing skills and you can repurpose thrift store items well. If this sounds like you, then you can make cheap easy crafts to sell online or at local craft shows. Here are some affordable and simple crafts to get you started.

Homemade Hair Elastics
Little girls love to look beautiful and you can help mothers style their daughters’ hair with homemade hair elastics. Purchase a few yards of elastic at the dollar store or craft supplies store. Cut the elastic pieces to desired length, then you would seal the ends by tying them in a knot at the ends of the elastic pieces. Decorate them by putting small rhinestones or pearls on them.

Seasonal Collages
Create dazzling seasonal collages that will wow customers and earn you profits. Purchase a few large colored posterboards and then you can paste photos from magazines that pertain to a certain season. You can also draw images of the season and write out quotes as well. For example, if it is a spring collage, use images of spring such as birds, colorful flowers, picnic baskets and people dressed in spring attire. If you’re using small posterboards, you can frame them for customers.

Handmade Soaps
There is a trend towards more natural and chemical-free soaps, and if you’re skilled in doing this you can make them for profit. When selling your soaps, you want to have multiple scents available and offer discounts for special occasions. Take advantage of social media outlets and write blog posts about the benefits of natural soaps.